Do You Need A Labor & Employment Law Arbitrator? LawMemo, Inc.’s National Arbitration Center Can Help.

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LawMemo, Inc. offers services that are designed to make finding a labor and employment law arbitrator a great deal simpler. The National Arbitration Center (NAC), LawMemo, Inc’s source for arbitrators and awards or decisions, can aide attorneys in finding the most suitable arbitrator. Most of the arbitrators listed in the NAC publish previous awards and their bios. This information provides invaluable information to attorneys looking to find the right arbitrator for the job. And, it makes the process of seeking out the right arbitrator in any matter less time consuming. Arbitrators provide information about previous decisions—which industries they’ve decided cases for in the past, what they’ve done in the past in terms of general work experience, and most importantly, people seeking arbitrators in the NAC can learn who the arbitrator is as a person. Because the NAC allows arbitrators to post as much information about themselves as possible, this ensures for an overall easier process to narrow down the right arbitrator for the job. Also, because the NAC is a resource that is free of charge for the public, attorneys that do not subscribe to the service will have access.

However, in order to become an NAC arbitrator, all arbitrators must subscribe to LawMemo, Inc. Knowing that an arbitrator subscribes to LawMemo, Inc. also ensures that you’re getting an overall better quality arbitrator because you know that the arbitrator is, at the very least, keeping abreast of the updates in labor and employment laws.

We have done our homework, and we know that LawMemo, Inc. provides the best quality of information on out there about who you’re hiring as an arbitrator for your labor and employment law suit that is free of charge.

While the NAC is not an arbitration service and nor does it provide legal advice, it’s a great start to seeking out the right arbitrator.

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