Jul 3, 2013

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Large and Unsightly Stump in the Yard? Call a Stump Grinding Contractor in Chesapeake

Mature trees make a beautiful addition to a homeowner’s yard. However, they are often planted too close to a house and eventually they pose a threat to it. A tree limb could fall on the roof or the roots could infiltrate sewer pipes. It’s often a hard decision to make, but the homeowner decides to hire a tree service to cut the tree down. Often they will consider disposing of the tree’s wood and grinding the stump down themselves. They should certainly consider how difficult stump grinding chesapeake area is.

First of all they should call Dig Safe to make sure that there are no gas lines or other utilities buried in the area. Then they have to learn how to use the stump grinder after they have gone to the expense of renting one. They also have to rent safety goggle because chips can fly everywhere during the process. Slowly it begins to dawn on them how involved the stump grinding in chesapeake procedure is.

It’s much easier to tell the tree service that is taking down the tree that the stump should be removed as well. Depending upon the size and type of the tree, that can mean going down two or three feet to take out the stump and many of the large primary tree roots. Removing these will maintain the integrity of that area of the yard. If the roots are left in the ground. They can decay and then that area could sink in. After they are removed, the homeowner can fill the hole in with gravel to provide drainage. It should be well packed. Then followed by soil which is packed down. After it has been allowed to settle, the homeowner can plant grass seed or lay down a new piece of sod.

It may make the homeowner sad to lose such a beautiful tree in their yard. They might ask the arborist at the tree service if they could recommend a better place in the yard to plant a large tree. They might also want to consider one of the dwarf varieties that never grow beyond 15 feet. Of course they should be planted away from sewer lines and septic fields and the house.


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