Feb 12, 2014

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Choosing The Best Eye Doctor

Just as you pay particular attention when choosing your primary care doctor; it is equally important that you monitor your vision and overall eye health. It may take some time to find the right match and it is important that you take into account the doctors credentials, reputation, the services that he or she offers and the prices. All of these issues are important as once you find eye doctors in Woodbridge VA that you are comfortable with, you will want to stay with them for years.

In choosing an eye doctor to look after you and perhaps your family you first must consider whether you need to have an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist, both are eye doctors although they perform different functions and have different specialties. An Optometrist is a doctor of Optometry whereas an Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor. Optometrists are the professional that most people go to for routine eye exams and the treatment of various eye diseases; Ophthalmologists on the other hand have surgical training and provide a wider range of treatments.

Normally you will focus on choosing an Optometrist; in the event you have a condition that requires surgical intervention; the eye doctors in Woodbridge VA will refer you to an Ophthalmologist for treatment.

Laser surgery is widely available in this modern age. If you have been wearing corrective lenses for years and you have a condition that can be treated by this technology then you may wish to question the surgeon on his success rate, the number of patients he or she has treated and pre and post-operative care after surgery . When it is your eyes that are the issue, it is important to be well informed so you can agree a procedure and select the best doctor available.

Most people who have issues with their eyes will see an Optometrist as the problems are usually vision oriented. When you find that your vision begins to blur or your eyes sting or tear a lot then it is something that can be treated with glasses , contacts or medications . You may wish to review the pricing structure that the various eye doctors have and what may prove to be of genuine importance is that your eye doctor in Woodbridge VA accepts a multitude of insurance plans.

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