Aug 28, 2017

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Advantages of Dog Boarding in Chicago at a Facility Providing Training Sessions

Advantages of Dog Boarding in Chicago at a Facility Providing Training Sessions


When the owner of a dog must be away for more than a day, somebody has to take care of the animal. Bringing the pet to a kennel offering both training and Dog Boarding in Chicago is advantageous even if the owner doesn’t plan to schedule training sessions. Staff members are well-versed in understanding the canine companions and communicating effectively with them. They know what body language and sounds indicate about a dog’s feelings and attitude at any given moment.

Abandonment Issues

Especially if a dog has abandonment issues after being kept at an animal shelter for any length of time, a facility for Dog Boarding in Chicago with many caring staff members who are truly perceptive about these creatures is beneficial. The dog is likely to feel upset and insecure when its beloved owner leaves it behind.

The episode brings to mind the previous abandonment. The animal has no way of knowing the person plans to return. Dogs can become nervous, destructive, and wary of humans under these conditions. A highly knowledgeable person with a loving hand and reassuring manner allow the animal to relax and maintain friendly, calm behavior.

Postures and Sounds

Workers at a center such as Chicago Canine Academy are on the alert for various body postures and noises from their canine clientele. They easily recognize the stance for play and don’t mistake it for aggression. They know that barking while vigorously wagging a tail typically signifies friendly excitement, but growling and wagging may not be so inviting. Certain postures don’t necessarily indicate an aggressive tendency but ask the human to keep a bit of a distance until the dog feels more comfortable.

Yawning isn’t always a sign of tiredness but, instead, can let the humans know the dog feels a little stressed or bewildered. Talking quietly to the animal and scratching or petting it along the front sides assures the dog that all is well. With all this knowledge, the boarding center staff members are ready to provide expert psychological as well as physical care for the animals staying at the kennel. Contact us today for more information.


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